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07-Dec-2020 14:28

I'm going to play it safe and pick (b) Nothing happened, except for another full stop appearing at the end of his 'Hi.' Oh I was meant to 'hug him'. EVEN 'HI LOUIS' FUCK YOU ASSHOLE WHY WON'T YOU SAY HI BACK.

' was his obnoxious catch phrase, so I'm going to pick that one.

(Thank you random stranger) Thus I feel it is in my duty to the general public of the internet to do another one of these. Well caring about school is for lame-os and nerds so I'm going to walk and take my time. Please be Simon Cowell, please be Simon Cowell, please, please, please. And you can tell you're on time from the completely empty classroom.

As I have become more mature and more experienced, I like to think that this will be more intelligent and thought-provoking play through, but time will tell. Also shamelessly re-using the same stupid joke from last time but whatever. Anyway it says I'm meant to go to school but I'm going to try to go to a place called 'Louis' house'. HOLY FUCKING SWEET JESUS THIS IS A MILLION BILLION TIMES BETTER THAN SIMON OMG IT'S REGINA FUCKING GEORGE IS TINA FEY MY MATH TEACHER OH PLEASE. Well I'm going to assume Regina respects people who stand up for themselves so I'm going to pick the latter option. Seriously, are we going to have the same issue as last time?

But then again as the teacher has introduced 60% of the band I assume s/he will not make another appearance in the game, and they can retire knowing that they've fulfilled their role in life.

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I'm a teen now and JUST when I got access to twitter ..

I don't even think I have that much money but let's see if I can get into debt in this game.


What the main plot is, I assume, is Butts finding true love with a member of One Direction but I think the Mystery of Why 3 Out Of 5 Band Members Would Attend School But The Other Two Would Not is way way more interesting. I'm going to make Regina George fall in love with me. Probably just bummed out that Jedward has ruined Ireland's chances of winning Eurovision ever again. I think with each one it's like a) get physical b) be casual c) declare your undying love for them Harry wanted the chill option.

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WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT YOU DON'T KNOW ME I AM A STRANGER TO YOU NIALL. I'm going to try to get to 30 with every one of those boys. Oh God it's time for the 'Best Directioner Contest #1' Ooo actually those are fun I'm excited now.

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