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She can’t work out how to point the mini video camera at herself while watching me on her screen and I can’t hear what she is saying because I can’t find the volume control.Once the gremlins have been banished, I learn that Rubika Balendra, 19, is a vivacious, articulate medical student having a great time at Cambridge University.She says I would get more from my macro lens pictures if I developed them myself."On a first date that is going badly, you have either to make an excuse and run away or sit through three excruciating hours." I detect a hint in there somewhere.

A few hours after his arrival in the house, a Japanese appeared who "told us that we are bad men; but when we refused to admit he told us that it is better for us to die because in that case they will not be taking the trouble of covering our bodies with newspapers." Witness' brother was also arrested.

I'm looking for someone who understands and accepts me for who I am and what I am.

The very, very high-profile set-up of speakers includes: and many, many more, including, yes, yours truly (I’ll be on two panels, namely on the succinctly titled panel on “redefining the mobile content marketplace: exploring the growth, development and industry implications of mobile app stores” and on “building strategies around the drivers of innovation in mobile web 2.0”).

In my opinion the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you exactly as you are.

All I want is someone to make me...i'm a good person.....You can register here, and, believe me, it’ll be worth it.

It allows you to search for people by location, gender, age, interests, and many other criteria.… continue reading »

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The girls had serious words, but Laurice took the high road and squashed the squabble.… continue reading »

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