8 warning signs dating violence

01-Sep-2020 22:27

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence says on average 20 people are abused by an intimate partner in America every minute — about 10 million women and men a year.One-third of women and one-fourth of men experience some form of physical violence by a partner within their lifetime.She felt like it took her a long time to work up courage to leave, though it was months, not years.She endured threats and apologies and then more abuse before making that escape more than 30 years ago, said Lopez, now 52, owner and CEO of Sentinel Sales & Management in American Fork, Utah.Earlier this summer, a mother and one of her sons were gunned down by a man she'd dated, who then killed himself.Experts say victims of domestic violence ask themselves how they could have prevented the abuse and what might have helped them recognize it sooner, before it — and the relationship — became entrenched.The baby gave her the courage to leave; it seemed inevitable the abuse would spill on to him if she stayed.In the middle of the night, they went to a battered-women’s shelter.

Virden says it may morph into power and control over a partner.

“It is good in the beginning and people love each other.

Things that can become abusive can be mistaken for intense attraction and obsession.” That early intense attraction can be a warning sign, too.

Those who haven’t had relationship experience may not have anything to compare it to, so they don’t see belittling, isolating or even slapping as aberrant.

That pattern can be perpetuated from generation to generation, putting one’s children at risk, too.Kathleen Lopez at her American Fork offices on Tuesday, Aug. | Scott G Winterton, Deseret News “I was young and naïve,” she said of that painful time in her life.

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