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02-Oct-2020 17:47

— July 9, 2013 • The Washington Post publishes a new slide detailing NSA's "Upstream" program of collecting communications from tech companies through fiber-optic cables to then feed into its Prism database.

— July 10, 2013 • Germany's Federal Intelligence Service, BND, helps contribute data to the NSA's XKeyscore program.

Snowden downloaded up to 1.5 million files, according to national intelligence officials, before jetting from Hawaii to Hong Kong to meet with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras.

After he handed off his treasure trove of documents, he flew from Hong Kong and later became stranded in Moscow.

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— July 31, 2013 • The US government paid Britain's GCHQ roughly 5 million over three years to gain access and influence over its spying programs.

— August 15, 2013 • NSA analysts revealed to have sometimes spied on love interests, with the practice common enough to have coined the term LOVEINT, or love intercepts.