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27-Sep-2019 05:44

The employer may want to check in regularly to ensure that the employee’s productivity and accuracy continue to meet the company’s requirements for his or her position.When it does, then the employer has, often for a relatively low cost, accommodated an employee’s health condition while retaining a productive member of its workforce—a win-win.Often, whether an employee’s ability to concentrate or perform fine motor tasks is negatively impacted by standing throughout the day is something that can only be determined once the alternative arrangement is put into place.

Many employers across the country embraced this trend and allowed employees to alter their workstations by using standing or sit-stand desks.

When it does not, then the employer may be justified in exploring other accommodations as part of the interactive process.

A possible alternative solution may to be allow the employee to take frequent, brief standing and walking breaks throughout the day.

A request such as this would not indicate to the employer that the employee suffers from a physical or mental condition and needs an accommodation to perform the essential job functions of his or her position.

In this type of case, whether to provide the sit-stand desk is likely within the employer’s discretion.

The costs of standing or sit-stand desks vary widely, and some models can be purchased for under 0.

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