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Step 5: Find the center of the shorter wire, and wrap it around the base of the paintbrush.

Instead of forming a loop, pinch the wire to form a circle, and bend the tails of the wire out to form the base for the wings. Wrap the rubber band around the top wire and set it in the center.

Get a little history on Friday Cat Blogging and see Emily's return at Friday Cat Blogging: the Return! What do you get when you put kittens and a leaf rake in the yard? Hungry cats gather, waiting for the restaurant to open at Elms in the Yard. Check out three cats ready for the weekend at it's Friday, After All! There are some great photos of Nicky, and lots of info. Read all about the Lion of Babylon at Theriomorph Research.

Look closely at the passengers (biggify) and you will see a watchful KC and all six Mites aboard: Romp and play in the catnip and kitty grass fields to the right of the Ferris Wheel: Check out the neat story of a tiny lost kitten at Rescue me! From Sisu's blog come several interesting submissions.

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