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05-Aug-2020 06:01

Nashville being a small town I knew – as much as anyone no way involved in these people’s lives could know – that Plant wanted to sleep with Krauss.

My brother attended a party hosted by Plant’s assistant, a guy in his 30s.

This assistant told him that one night while Krauss was on stage Plant leaned over and told him how good Krauss looked in the pants she had on. Proof that Plant was after her body, and not just her talent and mind.

I also knew, because Nashville is such a small town, that Krauss already had a boyfriend.

Most of the time the rocker’s long legs were kicked straight out in front of him into the aisle of the shop.

When he changed positions, he would gather his legs up and stick them under the table to crouch and lean in to listen closely to Krauss.

On the ring finger next to it, he wore a large silver banded-ring.

Plant is tall, maybe 6′ 2,” has very broad shoulders and is from Britain. Sometimes he goes to Mexico to sunbathe, and you can tell.

He also has bright blue eyes and long, curly reddish hair, tied this day, in a makeshift knot at his shoulders.

Sit, stare and listen to the conversation, or give her a minute to be on the phone and hopefully she’ll hang up quickly? He clasped his phone and small notebook and started to get up to go.

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She pressed the situation by staying on longer than a minute. It was then that she began to wrap up her conversation so he would remain at the table. Toward the end of their coffee, Plant mimed holding a leash to demonstrate walking a dog.” My brain and eyes focused and realized what I was looking at.

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