Are alvin and brittany dating

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""Okay, then I'll leave you to your wondering about this girl." Dave walked out of the room.Alvin just put his face face-down into the pillow and kept thinking about Brittany. Dreams of him and her holding paws, singing duets together, and walking along the side of a beach during a sunset.Here presented 55 Alvin Drawing images for free to download, print or share.Learn how to draw Alvin pictures using these outlines or print just for coloring.Alvin grunted and tried to refuse, but Simon's strength was greater then Alvin's, so he couldn't escape Simon's grasp."Just let me sleep, Simon! In the kitchen, Simon met up with Theodore and joined him at breakfast which was toaster waffles. Suddenly, Dave walked into the room."What are you arguing about now? If you'd get your work done in school, you wouldn't have to worry about doing it all at home.""I try to, but I can't work as fast as the other students.""One more mishap like this, I'll have the coach take you off the football team! The hallways were hectic, as always, so it took Alvin and his brothers to get to their lockers. I'll open it, just like I have multiple times before." Simon opened the locker with no problems. All these things stuck to Alvin's mind, then the bell rang to go to lunch. When she did, they reacted like Alvin did when he met Brittany for the first time. Simon and Theodore barely ate anything, which is unusual for Theodore, and Alvin knew why they didn't; they were struck by love as well.

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Alvin tried to refuse, but Dave made it clear that Alvin wasn't staying home alone, so he had no choice but to go.I should've moved further away from the lockers.""You must be new here, because I've never seen you before.""Me and my sisters just transferred here.""Sorry your first day started off like this. He sat down at a table and looked around for Brittany; He couldn't see her anywhere. "Alvin pondered on what he should say in response to her question. Dave came into the bedroom and looked at Alvin, worried."Are you okay, Alvin? ""You are experiencing love for the first time, Alvin.Oh and my name's Alvin by the way.""No need to tell me your name. He started to get depressed, until he saw Brittany appear out of the crowds of students. The sight of her made Alvin's heart jump."Brittany. ""I am, I just hate waiting in mile-long lines, so I saw you over here and decided to join you.""We can get lunch together then.""We can. He didn't want to say anything wrong that would offend her. It's completely normal.""I never said I was in love! Love is normal for someone at your age.""We're just friends and nothing more! I'll give you advice, but only if you let me.""I don't need any advice!The next day, unfortunately for Alvin was not a school-day, so it was hard for him to go the entire weekend without seeing Brittany again.

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Saturday went by so slow for Alvin, because Brittany was still in his mind.

They first appeared in the Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon series in 1983.