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18-Nov-2019 10:21

He spoke about going to Ellerin's home the night she was killed because he was supposed to be picking her up for a date. He remembers the exact time because of the state of their phones. Kutcher said he decided to go to the house because he realized it was late and called both Ellerin's phone and her friend's phone with no response. He figured she left with her friend because he was late.

Since he was trying to take her on a date he said he didn't want to appear "over eager." However, he realized all the lights were on despite the front door being locked, and knocked a couple more times with no reply, figuring maybe she was upset with him.

This couple is meant to be together as it took them 14 years to realize the fact they are the best for each other.

In the clip, which Kutcher posted on Instagram on June 19, he and his wife can be seen mulling over a photo of an actor asks his partner what's going on, she jokingly replies that "it's over between us" while flashing a photo of the magazine's cover. Well, as Kunis read, there was reportedly a "very dark secret exposed," but both she and Kutcher were unsure what that was. Just fun," shook hands on it, "this is just fun." Three months later, I was like, "This isn't fun anymore." We were always open.

But the relationship was not developed as such a romantic one because of the age difference. In 2005 when Ashton married Demi Moore, and Mila was in a special relationship with Macaulay Culkin.

After season 7 Ashton left the show, and Mila was not in close contact with her. Everything seems to be like over like the crush part etc.

They say really “it’s over between us” we didn’t know that. But some fans are still confused and are saying it as a publicity stunt to gain attention from fans.

Many even said brutally that they must have broken up already but just playing a prank.

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