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They are angry now, when someone taunts them saying, ‘This one looks like Jackie Chan.’ But what should they be ashamed of? And there is a Miss Philippines that became Miss Universe.

Those who say these things (to my children), they are insecure, they like to talk.” Selim and Imelda have also faced their own challenges.

“Sundays, I go to St Nicolas Orthodox Church with my grandmother.

It’s important for me to attend church,” Francisco said.

Before being drawn to Africa I was seduced by African music.

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Nobody within my circle of friends reacted negatively, it was more like: here you go again, having to be different from everyone else. ” They look at photos full of memories of weddings, parties, Ethiopian dinners and big nights out.

“I tell you we have been married for almost 20 years and she still doesn’t believe I love her! Selim and Imelda are by no means the only happily married mixed couple in Beirut.

“I love her even more now,” Zeid Hamdan, 39, said of his Ethiopian wife Mekdas Widagi, 29. With Ethiopia’s thriving music scene, and an estimated 20,000 Ethiopians in Lebanon, there are Once part of the iconic underground duo Soap Kills, Hamdas still challenges musical boundaries.

“She didn’t want to be with me without getting married first,” Selim explained.

Their wedding picture, taken inside a church, hangs in their small lounge surrounded by religious iconography: a pretty bride in white, leaning against her husband.My friends wouldn’t be able to help me.” Imelda, who came to Lebanon in 1994, said: “I love my family, I’m happy with them but sometimes I’m lonely, I miss my family in the Philippines.” Aged 26, Imelda met Selim, then 31, her future husband, in his taxi.