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24-Apr-2020 03:38

This will then be moderated and approved or disapproved.With SBL Dating you can *Connect* *Instant Message* *Call* *Video Chat* *and so much more with serious, like-minded, straight, black individuals.With that out of the way, you’ll agree with me that it is increasingly becoming hard to filter out and classify the musical content disposable to us on the online platform and it takes a keen listener to discover the artists that create relevant music that is true to our reality as black people and social injustices that we face.Jermaine Cole another a prolific multiplatinum artiste often considered as one of the greatest lyricists of his generation, drop a platinum album (The revenge of the dreamer2) which got tongues wagging all over the internet, earlier this year and you really don’t have to be a hard core rap fan to be aware of Jermaine’s prominence in the hip-hop community since his breakout debut in the early 2010s, his position in the game as a technical lyrist who is able to strike the balance between the ‘regular’ rapper content about society version of success as in over- commercialize vanity lifestyle lyrics and vividly artistic painting the picture of the modern black man as a whole in a deep yet blatantly truthful manner as in the hit record “Middle child” in which the catchy hook may mislead you to think ‘oh not another song about getting high again’ but further down you’ll be carried away by his charisma and poetic prowess as he summarizes his heartfelt experience as a young black man in the showbiz industry and how his friends and drugs and alcohol habits influence is creativity and personal in the process composing multiple classic records, after addressing the current politics hip hop scene, he schools young upcoming rappers , while at the same time paying homage to veterans who came before him, then on the last verse addressing the major issues regarding the reality that we can all relate to as black folks regarding how the long blood line of oppressive trauma stemming from slavery to present day mass incarceration and transpire to creation of an endless dysfunctional relationships among black families thus negatively affecting black marriages and eventually the black youth unconsciously adopt the same mentality which impairs the ability for their generation to escape the same ill-fate as their father figures.For many people their partner is a reflection of them and when it comes to marriage and commitment most people tend to stay close to home with regards to religion and culture and in doing so tend to have better rates of success.In the world of online dating we have more choice than ever before but what happens when you are not your preference’s preference!? A black man being told by a black woman and vice versa, while you would be shocked to hear such a statement 10 years ago this is one of the things you are starting to hear more and more on these platform and that is where SBL Dating fits in. SBL Dating ( which stands for Straight, Black Love) is the fastest-growing platform for traditional, marriage-minded singles in the African and African Diaspora community, worldwide.One thing we have managed to maintain in our ever changing world is our freedom to have preferences in who we date.

It’s wise to note that the most important part of the system is psychologically arming yourself with the perfect software to self-destruct and the consequences of denying the black male a fair environment to thrive affects the family as whole thus disintegration of the black community at the basic level of socialization ; this is beyond unjust to our kind but extremely profitable to industrial complex of prison (which trades on wall street) and a feast binge for corporate media and recording stables cold cashing on our misfortunes.If you would like to contribute to this blog and share your perspective and expertise on things within our community please get in contact - always happy to have contributions.Be sure to follow Us on Instagram (@straightblacklove).In this light Kendrick as successful rapper managed to escape the ill-fated lifestyle of his peers by overcoming the insanely high odds against him of being either arrested, joining, the set, or dying in the hands of police or a rival gang member and went on to become a worldwide inspiration for kids and youths brought up in the same unavoidable futile circumstances he not only over-achieve through a commercial successful multi-platinum music career but also ‘gang political’ correctness in lyrics that won hearts and respect beyond his crime notorious neighbourhood.

In this context you’ll be forgiven for calling out the corporate media for their blatant and consistent wrongfully depicting the average young black male in a distorted image mainly for financial gains and revenue to pad pockets of music labels by manipulatively cashing out on the image rather than the actual story behind it, you may be forgiven for not noticing the recurrent distortion of self-image of black entertainers at this age.Quite the contrary a huge chunk of black people live free, healthy, prosper financially, and have fulfilling relationships with their loved ones, the other potion of black people who don’t have access to the positive side of life due to the environmental factors around them also urge the same aspiration as the rest of the human race, to drive my point home you have got to watch the documentary about Kendrick Lamar triumph a prolific come up in the city of Compton in Southcentral L.