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10-Apr-2020 16:52

We have 4 plants under construction in our nation which are due to come on line in 2016. gets only 5% of its required power from such things as wind, solar, etc and it is unlikely we will not in many decades ever be able to stop using oil and gas.

In the immediate future our energy needs are falling.

The third world is not going to cut back on emissions and when you are hungry and make only a few hundred dollars a month rising waters are not that high on your priority list. For three consecutive years the worlds average temperature has fallen.

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We should be building nuclear plants at all possible haste, Creates jobs and energy.This does not mean that carbon dioxide is not acting to increase temperature but that now more powerful forces are now cooling it. The cause of my fall was a slip and my foot inverted laterally (outwards) and i fell onto it before tumbling over. But the most pain comes from just below my ankle (mid-foot) above 4th Does anyone know what i have done?My dr seems to think its a sprain and will go away but im in so much pain and can barely walk on my foot.This is the fastest temperature change either up or down ever reed.

Many of the scientist attribute this drop in temperature to a drop in solar activity which they claim is the largest driver in climate change and not greenhouse gasses. Have been given script after script for panedeine forte but no real solution to the pain. The pain extends down sort of through my 4th tarsal (i think) and up into my ankle.He made a note of that in his res and offered no alternatives.

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