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12-Jan-2020 05:14

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At least one family who was offended by the loud profanity moved to another area of the cabin.Although we have reports of what Customers characterize as an excessive public display of affection, ultimately their aggressive reaction led to their removal from the aircraft.In 2017, Camila and Leo made a super low-key appearance in NYC's West Village.They wore matching white tees, super-casual cargos, and yes, they held hands. In 2017, Leo and Tobey Maguire both wore matching denim bomber jackets. Here she is with Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Kaia Gerber. Surrounding yourself with supermodels 24/7 isn't Camila's jam, though.Our tenets of inclusion and celebration of diversity among our Customers and Employees-including those in the LGBT communities-anchor our Culture of mutual respect and following the Golden Rule.

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Straight from Camila's IG, here is the girl that our Leo and Camila officially met in 2017 in South Beach, FL.

While Camila wears more clothing than Kendall, Hailey, Bella, and Gigi combined, she's somehow outdoing them. Much like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Camila is chowing down on the cheese pizza like a pro. Long before Leo was feeding Camila pizza at Ri Ri's parties, these two had a different kind of friendship. Before his career had even taken off, though, Leo had already clapped eyes on this girl.

Camila and Leo are "family friends," according to . Supermodel royalty like Naomi Campbell and Gisele, not to mention Blake Lively. After calling the movie itself "overhyped," Camila added: "Maybe it throws your judgment off when people speak so highly about it something. This may be the year Leonardo Di Caprio finally wins an Oscar!

We do not tolerate discrimination against anyone for any reason.

In this situation, their removal was directly and solely related to the escalated conversation that developed onboard the aircraft.In no way were our actions on Southwest Airlines excessive, inappropriate or vulgar.

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