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They were laying on there left sides, facing us--her dad behind her mom, sort of a mirror image of Laura and I--and her dad put his arm around her mom.I thought that they weren't really awake and was starting to relax when I saw his arm move under the sheets, and although there were no lights in the room and the drapes were drawn, there was enough light from outside coming through the drapes to see with night vision, and I realized that his hand was cupping her breast and that he was stroking her."OK," Mom announced, "we'll set up camp here." The meadow was carpeted with grass and gave a good view of the sky overhead, but the trees were dense all around it; unless you knew the winding trail to get there, you'd never get through the underbrush around it. I started to take the tent out, then stopped as I noticed the odd smile on Mom's face. But I lost, and lost hard, and now I'd have to pay the price.

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If the thought of them seeing me having sex with Laura or even being caught naked in the same bed as her was terrifying, the thought of them catching us having sex while we watched them have sex was beyond terror--I almost felt like I was floating above the whole scene, watching it all.

She was a professional psychotherapist and had always been very frank about sex.

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