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In particular, the memorization of the Quran, interpretation and understanding of the Quran (Tafsir) and the application of Islamic tradition to everyday life are stressed.

Religion is also studied at the university level alongside other subjects, and is compulsory for all students.

These countries often struggle to absorb the number of refugees needing homes.

Some countries, such as Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, are opposed to opening their doors to refugees altogether.

Curriculum: Vocational/Technical: architectural drawing, auto mechanics, electricity, machine mechanics, metal mechanics, radio and television.

In addition to technical subjects, students take Arabic, chemistry, English, mathematics, physical education, physics and religious studies Agriculture (partial listing): agricultural economics, agronomy, animal husbandry, applied biology, applied chemistry, applied mathematics, applied physics, Arabic, English, farm management, horticulture, religious studies, marketing and plant nutrition Higher education is provided by seven universities, several colleges for women, an institute of public administration and 17 teacher-training colleges.

Religious secondary schools are administered by Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University and the Islamic University of Medinah.

These schools, along with religious institutions of higher education, parallel the secular system.

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However, a large part of the new curriculum is devoted to religion.

Compulsory Subjects: During the first year, students share a common curriculum, and in the final two years are divided into scientific and literary streams.