Chilli and mayweather dating

22-Oct-2019 04:01

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"He looked me in the eye and he told me that when he gets out of jail, he won't forget me," Snowden reported. In his report, Snowden wrote that his rationale for the penalty was "for borderline threatening me and for being verbally abusive." In response, "[Mayweather] then told me I had a black heart," Snowden reported.

To the officer, Mayweather's remark sounded like a threat. Mayweather quickly figured out the internal economy and politics of jail, the records suggest.

"Out of 168 hrs in a week I only get 5 hours out of my cell its just not right ...

I have not committed a felony so why am I being treated like a murderer or child predator?

"The contents inside the envelope had information in regards to current Los Zetas activity." Los Zetas is not just a prison gang.

Facing a felony conviction with a hefty prison sentence, Mayweather pled to a deal in which the charges were reduced to misdemeanors, with a two-month sentence in the Las Vegas jail.

The report doesn't include the findings of the X-rays, nor does it speculate on the cause of the injury.

The biggest issue that jail officers had with Mayweather, the reports suggest, was a sense of entitlement.

The officer, named in the reports only as "Snowden," was discussing the matter with another officer, when Mayweather started to "yell out his cell as he butted into our conversation," Snowden wrote.

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Snowden then recounted walking over to Mayweather's cell to speak with him. It would be different between us if you didn't have that badge on." Mayweather went on to tell the officer that he had police officers that worked for him as employees, and allegedly said to Snowden: "You're a pussy." In response, Snowden took away Mayweather's hour of free time for a day.According to newspaper accounts, Lopez and his co-defendants were indicted for beating a man to death with a bat.

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