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21-Sep-2020 11:27

This is why you’re attracted to the bad boy and why the nice guy just doesn’t do it for you.There’s little value in something you don’t have to work for.” This questions is a VERY high value question, because not only is it a unique thing to ask in a conversation, but it also communicates to him that respect is high on YOUR list of characteristics.His answer will reveal to YOU how he looks at women, what qualities he looks for in a woman and what he likes and dislikes – all without you asking him twenty different questions to put together the same answer.This also creates attraction for a man because it shows him that YOU are not too taken with him to realize that HE has to meet YOUR quality standards.Christian Carter writes that this is a “fun and subtle kind of tension building” (Christian Cater, Catch Him and Keep him, p 205) that helps lead to sexual tension and attraction for a man. You are challenging him to answer a unique question, putting him on the spot to see how he will react and gauging his character all in one. This mix of seriousness and flirtatiousness is an attractive factor to most men, and will leave him intrigued and trying to see if he can answer your expectations in the right way. Christian Carter also reveals to women readers in his e Book that there are certain questions men may really want to AVOID answering. We just have to find another way to ASK these questions, right?

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And of course, as with all good TV, the two find each other by luck and fate, and Big finally professes his love.

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