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09-Jul-2020 11:14

You can do this by turning on i Cloud Photo Library on each of your Apple devices: To check if the free plan is enough for your current photo management needs, you need to know the size of your photo library. Right-click on the Photos Library icon and choose Get Info in the context menu to see how much storage space your photos and videos take up.

In any case, it’s best to de-clutter your albums Of course, you don’t have to pick the same option on all devices.

To access i Cloud photos on Android, the web version of i Cloud in Chrome is your best bet. Before you can start sharing photos and videos with others, you’ll need to enable the i Cloud Photo Sharing feature.

Let’s see how to do that: At this point the Photos app (on both mac OS and i OS devices) gets a new section: Shared.

You can keep originals on your Mac and use low-resolution versions on your i Phone, for instance.

On a Mac, you’ll find the Optimize option not only in the settings of the Photos app, but also under About This Mac Photos. Keep in mind that you can also upload photos to i Cloud directly on the web at i Cloud’s Photos page.

This works only if you have enabled the following setting: Photos Copy items to the Photos library.

If you haven’t, the app treats the photos you dropped into it as referenced files.

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As a result, it doesn’t upload them to i Cloud either.In that case you might want to pick the My Photo Stream option instead of i Cloud Photo Library.