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The treaty requires legislative approval, but that is a mere formality given Mr.

Putin’s unchallenged political authority and the wild popularity of his actions, which have raised his approval ratings and unleashed a nationalistic fervor that has drowned out the few voices of opposition or even caution about the potential costs to Russia. Putin appeared Tuesday evening at a rally and concert on Red Square to celebrate an event charged with emotional and historical significance for many Russians. When he finished speaking, he joined a military chorus in singing the national anthem.

Yanukovych, last month has left American and European leaders scrambling to find an adequate response after initially clinging to the hope that Mr. Within a week, Russian special operations troops had seized control of strategic locations across Crimea, while the regional authorities moved to declare independence and schedule a referendum on joining Russia that was held on Sunday. Putin moved quickly on Monday to recognize its result, which he called “more than convincing” with nearly 97 percent of voters in favor of seceding from Ukraine.

Putin was prepared to find a political solution — or “off ramp” — to an escalating crisis that began with the collapse of Mr. By Tuesday he signed a treaty of accession with the region’s new leaders to make Crimea and the city of Sevastopol the 84th and 85th regions of the Russian Federation.

George’s Hall before hundreds of members of Parliament, governors and others.

Putin made it clear that Russia’s patience for post-Cold War accommodation, much diminished of late, had finally been exhausted.“That’s the way it was with the expansion of NATO in the East, with the deployment of military infrastructure at our borders.They always told us the same thing: ‘Well, this doesn’t involve you.’ ”The speed of Mr.He called Kiev “the mother of Russian cities,” making clear that he considered Ukraine, along with Belarus, to be countries where Russia’s own interests would remain at stake regardless of the fallout from Crimea’s annexation.

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He listed the cities and battlefields of Crimea — from the 19th-century war with Britain, France and the Turks to the Nazi sieges of World War II — as places “dear to our hearts, symbolizing Russian military glory and outstanding valor.”He said that the United States and Europe had crossed “a red line” on Ukraine by throwing support to the new government that quickly emerged after Mr.Among the music played was a sentimental Soviet song called “Sevastopol Waltz.”“After a long, hard and exhaustive journey at sea, Crimea and Sevastopol are returning to their home harbor, to the native shores, to the home port, to Russia! He recited a list of grievances — from the Soviet Union’s transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian republic in 1954, to NATO’s expansion to Russia’s borders, to its war in Kosovo in 1999, when he was a little-known aide to President Boris N.

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