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08-Jan-2020 06:39

As you can see you can also change the port (2401 is the default) and you can specify a different location for the cvsroot.It is worth noting however that access to a pserver over the internet is asking for trouble unless you restrict it to anonymous read access only.This is done by adding the name of the system account you want the cvs account to run as at the end of the line (use "cvs" for Now set up a user group called cvs or some such and add your users to this group.

The following are the steps for setting this feature up: This is one of the harder areas of the Linux build.To keep things simple at this stage we are giving all users the ability to read and write the repository.As things change you will probably want to change this. Depending on what you are intending to do with CVS depends a little on which tools you will want to use on the client side to interact with your repository.If "pserver" is a special mode, then I assume there is a default mode as well. Now there is the all important CVSROOT, that is a directory used to store cvs archives e.g.

export CVSROOT=/usr/local/cvsroot Because of the client-server architecture this CVSROOT can be situated at a different machine and you need to have an account on that machine to access it: export CVSROOT=:sparc:/usr/local/cvsroot You're prompted for a user name and a password, for :[email protected]: only for a password. In practical situation (like with a dedicated cvs-server) you don't want user accounts for the server with access to cvs-files. CVSD allows running a repository which has been chroot'ed. Under this scheme, you will be running the invocation of CVS as root, so this extra bit of security will help.

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