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If women have problems in their relationships, they talk to their friends for support.But men don’t have this so they think they need to seek intimate and sexual relationships with women to get this kind of emotional support.Some of it comes from direct questioning and answering.But how much can you learn about someone in a slightly non-mediated way?He did a talk at Google to share his insights on why you might still be single.The end matters the great deal, we remember how something ends more than how it begins. People are bad at telling each other intimate and useful details about who they are.You’d actually understand that person in a better way if you see how they interact with the world.

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At first it was a bust, people were just sitting there staring at each other.

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In fact, for a 5’ 9” man to be equally attractive to a 5’ 10” man, he would have to make ,000 more in salary per year. The most attractive quality in a woman was BMI, with the optimal being 18.5 (slightly underweight).

No amount of money could make up for a woman’s BMI; men didn’t care about a woman’s salary or her graduate degree.

By Olivia Zhu With Valentine’s Day approaching—ripe with the promise of love for some and fraught with the bitter reminder of love unfulfilled for others—Duke professor Dan Ariely shared what he’s learned about the “love market” by analyzing romance from a behavioral economic perspective.