Datasys problem updating baseline

22-Aug-2020 17:47

datasys problem updating baseline-84

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You want for your system to be protected by Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus and also updated with the security and antivirus patches.

Find a time when the computer is turned on but not used by anyone.

If you tick the "Update baseline to include system updates before resuming restore" checkbox the baseline will be automatically updated to include any changes that were performed during the time that the restorations were suspended.

This kind of update happens at the end of the suspended restoring time.

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Another problem solved thanks to Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus!

I have Rollback installed for about 3 months, and my HD space went from 140 Gb free to 22 Gb free. I did a defrag inside Rollback, and did a SMART trim in my Samsung SDD..

datasys problem updating baseline-10

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datasys problem updating baseline-3

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Remember to fill in all the details related to the option that you have chosen.In Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus go to the Restore Settings tab and tick "Temporarily suspend restore for recursive system updates" checkbox.