Dating a smart girl burlington christian dating

01-Jun-2020 05:25

The smarter, more interesting and more accomplished a girl is, the easier it is for a man to connect with her.

The reason is because an emotional connection starts with a deep conversation, one that is made up of profound ideas.

Maybe you find yourself lying next to each other on a beach under a starry night, and getting into a long discussion about mythology, the cosmos and whether or not there is life on other planets.

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Just because we’re talking about the importance of intelligence here doesn’t mean you can suddenly pretend that you’re Neil De Grasse Tyson or that guy from Jeopardy who won for, like, a year straight.Stuff like this is way more romantic and meaningful than being forced to talk about which emoji you like using best when you text, or what your favorite bubble gum flavor is, or why Snapchat is, like, totally more fun than Instagram.The smarter a girl is, the more juice you can squeeze out of your time with her and the less time you have to waste talking about things that aren’t relevant to the two of you making a connection.If she’s shallow, superficial and not too bright, it’s going to make connecting with her on an emotional level more difficult.

This is not a dig on girls being dumb or less intelligent than men — not by a long shot.

Maybe it’s a matter of being gullible, or it’s just one of those old ideas that has no empirical or anecdotal evidence to back it up, but just seems like it makes sense.

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