Dating a victim of sexual abuse

12-Oct-2020 19:49

FACT: Jealousy and possessiveness are signs that the person sees you as a possession.

They are one of the most common early warning sign of abuse FACT: Abuse can come in many forms, such as sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional.

People reassure themselves by thinking, "Because I am not like her, because I do not do that, this would never happen to me." We need to help people understand that this is not a helpful reaction.

Victim-blaming attitudes marginalize the victim/survivor and make it harder to come forward and report the abuse.

FACT: The majority of men and young men in our community are not violent. Men who use violence in their relationships choose where and when they are violent.

The large majority of offenders who assault their partners control their violence with others, such as friends or work colleagues, where there is no perceived right to dominate and control.

FACT: A sexual assault can happen anywhere and at any time.

The majority of assaults occur in places ordinarily thought to be safe, such as homes, cars and offices.

The majority of men and women want and can be allies to help in the fight against this kind of violence.Additionally, abuse is not about individual actions that incite the abuser to hurt his partner, but rather about the abuser’s feelings of entitlement to do whatever he wants to his partner.When friends and family remain neutral about the abuse and say that both people need to change, they are colluding with and supporting the abusive partner and making it less likely that the survivor will seek support.It is estimated that one in three girls and one six boys will be sexually assaulted by the age of eighteen. For a victim, it is a humiliating and degrading act. FACT: Most sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows.

Studies show that approximately 80%-90% of women reporting sexual assaults knew their assailant.Abusers have a choice in how they react to their partner’s actions.

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