Dating and seual conversations

08-Jul-2020 21:56

Just because it's paid doesn't mean it's always better.

The 'boys' I was attracted to were attracted to me, but the shared interests were nonexistent and emotionally lackluster that I found myself trying to impress guys to stay in the game before they swiped again.

Still though, in a month I've had close to 0 responses, let alone any meaningful discussion or anything.

The difficulties I've had on tinder are: I know I could make my profiles better by making really tryhard pictures and make me look like a fucking model, but it makes me feel dishonest and not genuine.

From my point of view, having online conversations with someone I've never met is pretty pointless.

I (and you) am losing at least 60% of the communication because of the channel. causes each person in the exchange to invent the other person as opposed to actually getting to know them.

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I try to view online dating as supplemental, but realistically it is my main source of funding eligible men since I'm not an outgoing super social person nor am I looking for that in a guy.

I wouldn't call the experience "soul crushing", but just plain bad.

Sure, I'm not a sportsman or a rich millionaire (yet) and I hate social media, but I really don't think I look bad, I've got a master in applied physics and if you meet me irl I think I usually come off as fairly confident, funny, very open, as a genuine nice guy and maybe only sometimes a bit weird.

Nowadays, I get the feeling that people want to over analyze and dissect each other because they don't want to waste time meeting in person.

I also agree with what you said about meeting someone and having a connection, and then that person finding someone else a few weeks later.

none of that is acceptable to me so I'd rather find out ASAP than to go on even one date.