Dating behavior a framework for analysis and an illustration

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To better understand the health issue and to address the problem, the team needs to conduct a desk or literature review.

To start this process, review the vision and problem statements and divide them up into concepts.

A good vision statement provides direction, communicates enthusiasm and fosters commitment and dedication.

A good vision should: To guide the team during the initial data collection and analysis, draft a provisional vision statement, which will later be shared with stakeholders to create a shared vision for the SBCC effort.

The team agrees on the elements that inspire them, adding new elements that arise from the discussion, and draws a new picture that represents the vision of the entire team.

The team then translates the picture into words to create a vision statement.

Then, as a group, write a clear one- to two-sentence problem statement that reflects the team’s common understanding and that can guide the data collection and analysis on that specific health issue.

A vision provides a picture of what the situation will look like when the SBCC effort is completely successful and will anchor the SBCC intervention by stating what the program hopes to influence.

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It involves a systematic collection and study of health and demographic data, study findings and other contextual information in order to identify and understand the specific health issue to be addressed.

To do so, review existing health and demographic data, survey results, study findings and any other available data to identify the priority health issue.

Throughout the review, pay attention to the following types of information: Successful SBCC strategies focus on one specific issue at a time.

Decide on the dates for the data, the studies to be collected and the best databases (or other sources of information such as partners) to focus the search ( data about the problem and the people affected.

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Look for information on: Look for both national and local data using online searches, local library resources, and partner resources.

These keywords will be the search terms used to find relevant literature.