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09-Oct-2020 15:20

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Play is advanced by the throw of dice and the game is known to last for hours.After a while of gameplay the board becomes a maze of rent to pay or collect and cards to collect with good and bad fortunes. The bug may be hooked, poked, or batted with the hooks. To begin play, you drop the bug through the top hole and all players put their hooks through the side holes trying to snare the bug and pull it out through their opening. These games are staples for fun of all kinds, from family game night to roommate bonding and childhood memories. The fun of board games is undeniable, but this sometimes masks a wonderfully serious side they can bring through educational enrichment.

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This includes the large 48" x 21" masonite board and all the parts shown. *Order directly from - Click on book below for more info or to order.