Dating for cancer patients uk

14-Dec-2019 08:46

They can provide education, counseling regarding lifestyle changes, and referrals to community or national agencies and support groups.

They can also help your family find temporary lodging, provide information about community resources, and help you with other needs. Sometimes, people have problems that are better addressed in a one-on-one environment.

Celebrities such as the late Dana Reeve, for example, were diagnosed with lung cancer after having never smoked cigarettes.

Whatever the cause, however, no one deserves this life-altering possibly fatal disease, and everyone who has been sadly diagnosed with it deserves a caring and friendly support network; which is why turned to other websites such as,, "..out of two men and women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime." There are more than 30 types of cancer possible today, the most commonly diagnosed being, "...

After receiving a diagnosis of cancer, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed.lung (1.61 million, 12.7% of the total), breast (1.38 million, 10.9%)." The same website states that, "..2030, there will be almost 21.4 million new cases [of cancer] diagnosed annually..." Other types of cancer such as, thyroid, melanoma (skin cancer) ovarian, bladder and brain cancer are not as common, but are often just as severe and life-threatening.