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The irony of the ending was that on the day the doors closed, the sales and marketing organization had reached agreement to sell and deliver over 40 systems to a major organization in Australia.

More irony was spewed when the US Government informed CDC (as there was no ETA Systems) that they were ready to purchase large ETA Systems computer products.

CDC decided to create a subsidiary funded initially by Control Data but eventually to become a spin-off company funded by public financing.

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Dedicated access to a CDC Cyber-205 supercomputer was also provided for hardware and software development.

The executives surmised these small false—and functionally useless—security looking boxes having both a blinking light and antenna could be placed in the window of their vacant and remote cabins, and would potentially be a deterrent to would–be thieves. Lloyd, the ETA Systems president, directed that while the facility was being organized upwards of 50 or so of these devices would be fabricated. In record time the Energy Park facility became operational and those responsible for development of hardware and software were busy at work.

The executive contingent also began pursuing future funding.

Simply stated: CDC, after numerous attempts could not resolve the architecture differences between their mainstream Cyber hardware computer mainframe products and the CDC–Star or Cyber–2xx supercomputer products and the company could not afford two distinctly different organizations within it's dwindling budget. in the supercomputer market and did not wish to exit this industry.

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In fact, CDC was encouraged to continue by key government clients.The formation of ETA Systems within Control Data Corporation (CDC) and the demise of ETA Systems will not be detailed but brief commentary is provided. The announcement took the audience by surprise and took most employees at Control Data by surprise as well.

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