Dating manifesto

30-Aug-2020 11:13

He was anxious at first, but on this third night out something shifted. Over the last nine years, I’ve traveled the world to study the art and psychology of male-female attraction. Women love men who can be real and authentic.” After giving him some field-tested techniques and powerful mindsets to glide his path, I sent him out to the bars and clubs of New York City. It’s so moving to see a good guy shed self-doubt and learn that girls like him for who he is.I felt I had to be the rugged guy she wanted, rather than the nerdy, naturally introverted guy I am.) When you pretend to be someone you’re not, you send women mixed messages. ”) And because women have great bullshit detectors, she’ll lose interest.But when you’re radically authentic—honest, transparent, clear—you give the girl the singular experience of YOU.It’s the difference between a watered-down well drink and a strong, smoky Scotch.Women want to catch a buzz on the good stuff—the top-shelf, 80-proof you. Be A lot of men I coach come to me with “approach anxiety.” They see women they want to meet, but they fear being seen as a “creep” hitting on girls, so they do nothing and miss out on many opportunities.

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(On a first date, I once told an adventure-loving woman that I liked to go shark-diving off the coast of Belize. (“Wait, does this guy shark-dive in Belize, because he seems more like a nerd who likes old novels and musical theater?You can finally stop hearing “Let’s be friends” and start hearing “Let’s go to your place.” All while being the REAL you, not some persona. I want you to be Channel the most distilled version of you. When the typical guy is on a date or out meeting women, he wears a mask.

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