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20-Nov-2019 04:03

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A foreigner spouse might start divorce proceedings in their home country.

Once the divorce is granted, a foreign resolution has to be logged with the Costa Rica civil registrar.

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We provide you expert and trustworthy legal representation in Costa Rica even in your absence.

A contested divorce case is quite complicated any way. The Government of Costa Rica supports a woman in demanding a DNA test to establish the biological fatherhood of a child.

The Law Firm of Meléndez & Bonilla not only guarantees you expert legal advice in all divorce and separation cases, but also completes privacy. A man denying such a test is legally viewed as having fathered the child and is legally bound to pay child support.

The country is largely Catholic and divorce is not easy to obtain.

In addition, The Costa Rica Family Law favors women and children.

The groom should wear a white shirt which has been hand embroidered by his future wife.

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