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08-Nov-2019 16:14

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Declining to buy products at a premium through Sky Mall is individually rational behavior, even before you consider the fact that so many things in the Sky Mall catalog are tacky and useless.

Reading articles from your favorite publications online without paying is also individually rational.

Doing so leads to a Tragedy of the Commons, wherein valued journalistic content is not produced because its value cannot be captured by the producer.

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In its early days, the company offered more mainstream products distributed on the duty-free model: You could call from the airplane, and Sky Mall would deliver the product once you’d disembarked. “Consumers didn’t really want patio furniture delivered to meet them at the airport,” Aguilera notes.

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Maybe a Sky Mall section can be added to the existing in-flight magazines, in the back near the ads for cosmetic surgeons, dating services and steakhouses. Perhaps Chris Hughes can buy it once he finishes relaunching The New Republic.

I’m in a cramped seat on a flight to Seattle, and I’m staring at an ad for Aculife Therapist, a device that invigorates acupuncture points. Then an autographed poster of Sigourney Weaver as her Na’vi avatar. Only here will you find video- recording sunglasses and, a few pages later, a Daredevil Puppy Pilot Whirligig; when the wind hits it, “the propeller spins and the daredevil pooch bobs up and down.” Sky Mall has everything you didn’t know that you didn’t need.There has been a lot of analysis today of Sky Mall as a failing retailer, which it is.