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Similarly, if a manager disfavors an employee (for example, by cutting back her hours, assigning her to the graveyard shift, or taking away prestigious clients) after she complains of harassment, that would also be illegal retaliation.For more information, see Can I Sue for Employee Favoritism?Under federal law, for example, it's illegal for employers not to hire someone because of his race, to refuse to promote women, to relegate employees with disabilities to low-paying positions, or to lay off employees based on age.If workplace favoritism is based on protected characteristics, then it is illegal discrimination."Given that female infidelity is a severe reproductive threat to males only when investment is high, a preference for subordinate partners may provide adaptive benefits to males in the context of only long-term, investing relationships---not one-night stands." According to Brown, who is affiliated with the ISR Evolution and Human Adaptation Program, the current findings are consistent with earlier research showing that expressions of vulnerability enhance female attractiveness."Our results also provide further explanation for why males might attend to dominance-linked characteristics of women such as relative age or income, and why adult males typically prefer partners who are younger and make less money." For more information on the ISR Evolution and Human Adaptation Program, visit: ### Established in 1948, the Institute for Social Research (ISR) is among the world's oldest survey research organizations, and a world leader in the development and application of social science methodology.For example, if some employees receive better assignments or other job benefits because they put up with a manager's harassment, the other employees may still have a legal claim against the company.Because putting up with harassment is a condition of getting job benefits, employees may have a valid sexual harassment claim, whether or not they were directly subjected to harassment or went along with it.

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ISR researchers also collaborate with social scientists in more than 60 nations on the World Values Surveys and other projects, and the Institute has established formal ties with universities in Poland, China, and South Africa. It can also ruin theirs, though, and lead to major behavioral changes that flip their attitudes at work. Gender stereotypes continue to be an issue in the workplace and on the campaign trail.

ISR is also home to the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), the world's largest computerized social science data archive. Women are still expected to be benevolent and concerned about others, while men are perceived to be confident, ...

There's no question that favoritism is a bad management practice: It breeds resentment, destroys employee morale, and creates disincentives for good performance.

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For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .If your employer allows favoritism to run rampant, you may want to consult with an experienced employment lawyer.

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