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Well, if you are interested in chatting with me, u could find me over @


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I was going 'round for people like me, and I hit your profile. Tabitha Johnson From: christine2vz Sent: 04/17/09 Subject: hi.. helo.i waz goin' round for ppl like me, & i unearthed ur lil' site. Taylor Cook Saving it hoping there would be a thread for this. i waz browsing round this site, and i unearthed your profile. From: Corinne89iw Sent: 04/18/09 Subject: hey, how's it going! Kathleen Morgan From: Cierra3zp Sent: 04/17/09 Subject: hi, what's up?Well, if you want to chatting with me, you can catch me over at I'm always looking to meet more people." "Kiara Adams" From: Aaliyah96mv Sent: 04/18/09 Subject: hi.. You appear to be a reasonably fascinating dude, but I'm rather new at how things work here, & don't know what to do on here. Well, I hate writing messages to people, & maybe never receiving a responce. You look like you're a very cool hombre, but Im sort of inexperienced at this sorta thing, and dont know what's with this site. I don't like sending msgs to people, and potentially never receiving anything back.

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