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05-Apr-2020 21:29

Maybe in future versions of JAXP, the EG might decide to support J-DOM as well. Another Event-based parsing called Pull Parsing, should have been made part of JAXP.

But, there is a different JSR (#173) filed for pull parsing, also known as Streaming API for XML (St AX) parsing, and nothing much can be done about that now. SAX APIs were proposed by David Megginson (in early 1998) as an effort towards a standard API for event-based parsing of XML (read the genesis of SAX here).

How to parse an XML file with the DOM API without including whitespaces between XML elements?

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Even though SAX is not a W3C REC, it is surely the de facto industry standard for parsing XML documents.

SAX parsing is an event-based, push-parsing mechanism, which generates events for the tags, the character data, and so on.

For example, the follwoing XML file, User.xml, includes whitespaces: <? Build your DOM document object with the DOM API: Document Builder b = Document Builder(); Document d = Document(); Element e = d.create Ele...

Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Using XML SAX API with Apache Xerces.A typical sequence of events reported through the callbacks could be start Document, start Element, characters, end Element, end Document, in that order.

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