Eclipse updating indexes slow

20-Jun-2020 15:12

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Plugins tend to be written and updated for the more recent versions, so you’ll soon potentially find yourself in a poorly performing environment, and remember, not all plugin updates will even support a lot of the older versions of Eclipse.Obviously, if you’re running and stuck on a legacy plugin which you depend on, and it doesn’t support a newer version of Eclipse, this may not be an option for you, but this is quite rare.Eclipse is the market leading IDE of choice for Java developers.It’s a rich featured IDE which makes developing code in Java super simple.Here are the topics which are the typical culprits when working out what might be slow on your Eclipse environment.Each of these areas can afflict different amounts of pain to different developers, based on how long you’ve used the installation for, your type and number of projects.It manages to make time feel longer than it actually is.Eclipse stores a bunch of info in indexes and history which build up over time.

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To be honest, it might be working on a bunch of tasks that event the Eclipse foundation aren’t sure about, but some of which we can explain to you, and eliminate for you so that your Eclipse can run faster, just like when you first unwrapped it.

Well, there’s no need to worry or grow old beyond your years as there is a solution. A tool which has a deep integration with Java Classloaders, application servers and Java frameworks that allow you to instantly reload your code changes!

You can learn more about the tool on the JRebel product pages, and install directly through the marketplace.

Multiply that by 10 add 5, divide by 2 and square it.

You now have a measure of how annoying this can feel.

Firstly, and least importantly, it’s super shiny and you’ll make all your friends and colleagues feel jealous and old fashioned when they realise their Eclipse version isn’t named after a popular chocolate bar.