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05-Apr-2020 16:39

Serge wrote that even if #Date An Incel didn’t open the doors to “doxxing, IP leakages, trolling and moking [sic],” he still wouldn’t use online dating to escape celibacy.

And yet, Serge also told me that a so-called healthy relationship for an incel would look like any other partnership.“The fact a person is incel doesn’t change anything regarding their expectations,” he wrote. Forum user “ihatewomen94” asked “How could you actually think a (site) for ugly males in dating would be a real thing?

There were a few separate discussions about the website, that all came to one conclusion that surprised me: every single incel thought the form was for doxxing.

One incel, who has a You Tube channel with 26 subscribers, posted a video called “New Dating Site Aimed At In Cels Is A TRAP.” I became its 243rd viewer.

I didn’t finish watching, since he didn’t have any proof that the site was for doxxing.

No one did, not even’s site administrator, who emailed me a few curt responses to my questions.

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He also wrote a 141-page manifesto blaming women for his virginity, having “never even kissed a girl” despite being an “ideal magnificent gentleman.” Elliot was an unabashed incel, and I was afraid to familiarize myself with the discussions that led him on a toxic rampage.

I don’t relish the thought of talking to someone who blames women for his inability to find a partner, plus I already have a girlfriend who would be pretty offended if I filled this form out seriously.

But I had an ulterior motive: I wanted to understand how incels, who typically blame women for their inceldom, could still be interested in dating a someone from a group they resent so much.

You know, the men on the internet who claim to be involuntarily celibate?

I never considered that some women might answer ‘yes’ to that question, but that was before I saw #Date An Incel, a self-proclaimed online matchmaking service says its purpose is to connect members of the “minority group” with “true love.”The first time I discovered #Date An Incel was through’s Australia reporter Marnie O’Neill, who wrote an article on the supposed service.

One of the easiest ways to find someone’s IP address is to exchange email with them, and the application on #Date An Incel claimed an “all-star matchmaker” would reach out within 2-3 working days.