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Your video capture and processing requirements will determine this value.

: hundreds of milliseconds When encoding in software (on a PC or Mac) or using a hardware encoder (Box Caster, Teradek, etc.), it takes time to convert the "raw" image signal into a compressed format suitable for transmission across the Internet.

Keeping the delay between participants low enough for collaboration requires tightly-coupled computing services – and tightly-coupled services do not scale to large numbers of participants.

For the remainder of this post, we’ll focus on streaming services, which are meant to be a means of broadcasting content to an arbitrarily large, globally distributed audience.

We also employ other security measures to protect private data, such as secure HTTP access (HTTPS) using TLS/SSL, and more.

So, we should try to keep the latency as low as possible.

If you are choosing a streaming technology and latency is a potential concern for you, the main decision you must make is a tradeoff between scalability and low latency.

The encoded video takes time to transmit over the Internet to a VDS.

This latency is affected by the encoded media bitrate (lower bitrate usually means lower latency), the latency and bandwidth of the internet connection, and the proximity (over the Internet) to the VDS.The primary difference in the design of these tools is whether the content is primarily meant to be a “broadcast” — a small number of presenters to a potentially large number of viewers in a one-way fashion — or a two-way collaboration among a limited number of participants.