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19-Dec-2020 05:15

“There are many imperfect places on the official site and the app.

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After the app drew criticism this week, a Transdr spokesperson explained to Pink News how the app intends to fix mistakes in terms of language and features.

There should be an app knowing about them well and making them feel comfortable.” “‘Transdr is a TS dating and social community for transgender, crossdresser people…’ and it goes on to use the words shemale, lady boy and sissy boy. These words – which are regularly used as insults against transgender people – were originally justified by a Transdr spokesperson as being used for advertising purposes, allowing the app to be found more easily in search engines and within the app stores.

When asked whether the app still supported the use of these terms after the complaints, a Transdr spokesperson told Pink News that while there was a benefit to using such loaded terms, they had made the decision to remove them.

Transdr confirmed to Pink News that one of the app’s co-founders was trans.

“Our team has a trans person who is dedicated to product and marketing.

The spokesperson said: “Those terms have a good number of searches on Google and app store.