Government mandating circumcision carbon dating explanation for kids

02-Sep-2020 22:53

There is no immediate medical justification for routine circumcision; that's why medical plans do not cover it.

Always get opinions from physicians when it comes to…

*Update: The answer provided conflicts with my experience as a provider of this service to many in the Amish community.

*Updated answer: Most Mormons do practice circumcision, but it is largely as a cultural custom and not a religious one. Circumcision is not free unless under the NHS unless it is it is done to treat a disease.

The first amendment prohibits any state from having any official religion.

There are a lot of religions being practiced in California, and all the states in the United States, but none of them have an official religion.

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Circumcision is compulsory per Islam religion for males only following God commands to the Prophet Abraham. most religions don't require circumcision aside from the Jews Even the muslims who are the main circumsisers of the world do not have a religious requirement to do so.One view is that the practice of female circumcision originated in order to make sex unpleasurable for women, so that they would be less likely to commit adultery, which is purely a patriarchal notion. However, religion doesn't call for female circumcision although it may be practiced in some communities per local traditions and cultures.