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15-Oct-2019 05:59

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And trucks are heavy, so if a guy wanted to murder you he'd have to pull over in the middle of nowhere.

In general I feel extremely safe with truckers and hitch from truck stop to truck stop only.

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I would advise this over getting in cars with random guys.Prevention means taking steps to avoid being in a bad situation in the first place, i.e. Action means defending yourself if your prevention fails and you end up in a bad situation: you have to take action to save yourself. If you are a solo female and choose to accept rides from single or multiple men (which many people say is a big no-no, although many single women do it) you need to be paying attention to how they act and be able to steer the conversation how you want it to go.

It was the end of an era and many feared that it would also be the end of Zanessa.… continue reading »

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