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It goes behind the scenes into the lives of the criminals who perpetrated the acts and provides a grisly look at the whole affair.In fact, the film hit home so hard upon its initial production, that the Indian Censor Board did not allow its release until 2007 after the Supreme Court of India released its verdict for the real-life case.A clever combination of the names Bombay and Hollywood, Bollywood is one sector of the entire Indian film industry known as Indywood.When someone mentions the term Bollywood, the first images that may come to mind are fascinating cinematic portrayals of life in India, rich with drama, color, romance, and adventure.Released in 2015, the film is to date one of the most expensive films in the history of Indian cinema.It centers on two brothers who are battling for supremacy to the throne in a land called the Mahishmathi Kingdom.

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Jab We Met is one of the less recent Bollywood movies on Netflix, released in 2007.