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Giveaways, then click on “List a Giveaway” in the actions column at right.

On the Giveaway page, enter your book’s information, including a description, genre categories, and the number of copies you plan to give away and where you’ll ship them to (be sure to check shipping costs before determining this, as mailing a book can be expensive). Goodreads users can stumble upon your giveaway from the main giveaways page or by searching for a particular genre, then click to enter (and add your book to their shelf, giving you plenty of exposure to their audience if they’ve connected their social networks to the site! When the giveaway period ends, Goodreads automatically chooses the winner(s) and sends you a spreadsheet of the winners and their addresses.

Ellen Fein is an author best known for co-writing The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. When Fein filed for divorce in 2000, her credibility as an expert on relationships was questioned.

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Just create an author page and upload your book and Instafreebie will help you with distribution to get pre-launch reviews.

You’ll also get access to the list of readers who downloaded the book, so you can follow up and hopefully add them to your list for future releases.