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11-Jan-2020 20:24

Of course, we don't know how soon that may happen, so perhaps you should, after all, make a back up copy of those files.

Please note that product downloads from the Zencart account page are set to deliver 5 downloads in 7 days.

I'll be back in a flash and let you know when I've done it.

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There's just one woman here, managing a very busy website and creating products and it's not done with pixie dust.

Sorry, don't mean to disappoint, but I live within the bounds of reality and it's not possible for me to meet your request. I am always flying by the seat of my pants and a lot of what I do is a happy accident and I'm not really an expert artist or Photoshop user and I honestly don't always know how to explain what I do because I'm ignorant but intuitive. But in webdesign, there is no substitute for knowing html.

You need a graphics program which will recognize psd, png, and jpg file formats, preserve background transparency, and which has "layers" capabilities. For years, I hand coded everything using Web Page Creator. Once you know enough to troubleshoot html, it is very convenient to use a good WYSIWYG editor like Front Page or Dream Weaver.

I love your (name the product), but I was hoping to find that (name the individual element) in another (name the color/shape,configuration) for my (name the individual need). Or can you just make a little change in the (name the parameter) and send it to me? In this case, I'm devastated, because it actually isn't possible to accomodate you in this this time/space continuum. But no individual elements can be supplied separately.

I will not break products down into individual elements for sale.

Pay Pal considers these transactions "pending" until the check clears and the download link will not appear in the account until the Pay Pal removes the "pending" hold.