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Thus, formally we are talking about the test kit for determination of reducing matter in aqueous solutions.The results are expressed as the consumption of oxidizing agent in millimols per 1 litre of tested water.Test results above limit = high concentration of primarily organic nutrients.Denotes the risk or proves the reason of unwanted algae and cyanos growth.Our mission began to take shape after the July 2003 Madrid conference Towards Democracy in Cuba, when Vclav Havel encouraged nations to reach out to those working to bring freedom to Cuba.

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It is based on the reaction of sample with strong oxidizing agent, reacting not only with DOM but in less extent also with POM (Particulate Organic Matter) and some trace elements.

Regular DOM testing allows to make all necessary measures, avoiding further DOM concentration increase and consequently the increase of nitrates, phosphates and other unwanted matter level: If test results are not above limit and yet the algae and cyanos grow in the tank, the problem is most probably in high concentration of inorganic nutrients trace elements for instance. However the DOM has to be present in water in measurable concentration before the 1st test otherwise any probing makes no sense.