Is dating a close friend a good idea

06-Jul-2020 19:42

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But to really see something, you have to look at it from afar. So what's the answer, have all the "benefits" of a relationship but not "be" in one?

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Barney, another main character who's something of a Casanova, genuinely loved Robin and was deeply hurt by her physical relationship with Ted.If realistic expectations are kept and if both the man and the woman know what they are getting into, then neither one is letting the other down in any way.So they can be involved sexually but the promise of being together forever or getting married or even being exclusive to one another is not there.Dating, getting to know someone, getting into a relationship and taking it to the next level, takes time and needs patience.

Compatibility is also an issue, it's not just enough to have similar tastes or turn-offs.If both friends know what they are getting into and are clear on the definition of the relationship, it's a good idea.