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18-Jan-2020 22:21

I was super glad to be in a film with them but I didn’t get to meet them. You’re probably used to hair and makeup and wardrobe and all those trappings and everything, so with voice acting on this movie you could probably go in a T-shirt, jeans and a hoodie. Were there certain elements of this movie that you think made it more original than other Christmas movies?

It reminds me of a Hayao Miyazaki movie with Christian Bale and Billy Crystal that I did when I was a kid that they dubbed in English. It’s a nice story for children and families, and I like the aspect of rising up and going after your dreams and what you believe in.

The three magic kings come and visit, and give presents to the kids. First is Christmas, then New Year’s and then Magic Kings, all between Dec. change your life, and were you surprised at how much it did? I’d been working as an actor since I was a kid and so there have been a lot of projects and stuff, but kind of thing, of that crazy phenomenon type world. Then it happens and you live it every day of your life. It still happens in the streets or whatever and people recognize you for that. Most of the time they are pretty shy and embarrassed and they come up and quietly, shyly are smiling and ask for a photo, which is sweet.

That’s cool because it’s something I’m proud of as a project or whatnot, so it’s not like being recognized for selling your soul to something that you don’t really love all that much, so that’s good. Then sometimes they’ll just come up to you and they’ll be like, hey, I really love your movies and your work and sometimes it’s more like an appreciation of your work and sometimes it’s more like oh shit you’re this person. People sometimes are rude, people sometimes are crazy.

So, it will be more practical and more relaxing so that we don’t have to stress about it. Actually, I split my time living between Madrid and Los Angeles.

It had a lot of great comedy and there was a little joke that “after climate change really takes over we won’t have to worry about snow and reindeer anymore.” It had some little jabs like that that I enjoyed, for sure.