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"We wanted to hit on a lot of those high spots on this album.He comments that the album's title song, "In the House of the Lord," stirs strong remembrances for him.She lost function of both her speaking and singing voices.For someone who has been singing all her life this was now more than a challenge.Micah was born in Los Angeles, California, but was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.", their newest release for EMI Gospel, produced by Sanchez Harley.Founding member Joe Ligon says "Even as we began to work a steady rotation of major secular venues including Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the White House, and the Apollo Theater, the Clouds never dodged our roles as believers, nor shied away from our identity as a devoutly Gospel group."The Clouds have had their share of tough times, especially playing the South back in the 60s, when a black person couldn't even count on getting a motel room, or service in a restaurant." It's written from the viewpoint of a young boy remembering when his grandma would take him to church - just like mine did me.The deacons would all be praying; the choir would be singing, and the preacher just preaching away."Joe is still joined today by his early partner Wallace, and longtime members and vocalists Mike Cook and Ron Staples, with Johnny Valentine, Orick Ewing, Alfred Hudson and Ervin "Big Man" Williams making up the band.

Hobbs says, "I wanted to do a record with a live band and so we gathered in Nashville with some killer players like Jeremy Haynes on drums; Buddy Strong on B-3 organ; Javier Solis on percussions; The Natural on guitar and Daryl Freeman on bass.The double CD set contains 30 tracks including the introduction of hot new talent like Shea Norman and Kierra Sheard, joining heavy hitters The Canton Spirituals, John P.