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An Cafe boasts an overwhelming popularity among teenagers for their life-sized lyrics and the danceable rock sounds which intrigues the audience to run high.Their songs will be appealing to ALL J-POP listeners without any doubt, not limited to the Visual-Kei fanatics, and they even have a potential of being accepted by the audiences who are not usually familiar with the music from foreign countries.Sophisticated, good at public speaking, and firm in her ideals, she wants to save Ra Ciela and at first thinks that Ion is too wishy-washy and weak to enact real change.She has a weakness for cute animals, especially birds, although she's embarrassed by it.A happy-go-lucky free spirit, she hates dull things and trouble, basically passing such issues on to others.She takes pride in her charming ears and in her drop-dead gorgeous body.[From the English official site]A young boy from the town of Manjusara who saves Ion.Those lives all went on a great success, and further, the band organized an entrance-free outdoors live "YAGAI DE NYAPPY" gathering 7000 audiences - who are now called as "CAFE-KKO" (meaning An Cafe's following).

The player is introduced to Ionasal (shortened to "Ion" in the game), a girl with amnesia; the player's objective is to help Ion regather her memories by entering her mind, which is shown as a broken world which the player can repair (in order to recover Ion's memories).

Childhood friends with Casty, he always rushes into danger to help his friends and cheers them up however he can. Ta-bou is a nickname from the last syllable of his real name, Delta.

'De-ru-ta', 'ta-bou', 'bou' being a nickname for young boys like him.[From Ciel Nosurge Summary]A genius researcher aligned with the Chimon faction who aims to create a world where everyone lives in harmony as Sharl-like creatures that lack individual free will.

Although not a continuation of the Ar tonelico series, it takes place in the same universe with many of the same elements and expands on the series mythos.

The game is notably the first game to be developed by Gust after their merger with Tecmo Koei.[Description from Wikipedia]"Plus, I think I'd be better at making a bomb than a pickaxe!ICICLES Dating Card Game Introducing ICICLES, the first ever card game for dating! ICICLES uses tiny cards on a keyring that fit in a purse or pocket.

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