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05-Sep-2020 00:09

It is important to critique the male dominance of the culture so we can properly understand the need for reform and begin to create a hook up culture that is equal toward all genders.If more people are fluent in understanding how masculinity and femininity play a role in hookup culture, we can combat the unequal power dynamic by working to actively shift the societal expectations of women and men.With increased sexual freedoms hookup culture offers, it can give the same benefits to women that it currently gives men.Without the commitment or emotional investment that an exclusive relationship entails, both male and female actors can fulfill their sexual needs and become acquainted with various types of people and experiences.By opening this dialogue, we have the potential to cultivate a community of individuals who are free to explore and experience romantic relationships in whatever capacity they desire to.Due to the unequal balance of power between men and women within the hookup culture, specifically male superiority, young adults are unable to fully experience the positive aspects of sexual relationships during their college careers.Further, I am going to explain how hookup culture can be a liberating experience for college students, and how we can transform societal expectations from negatively affecting young adults to encouraging exploration and growth.

By defining what a “hookup” is, explaining the significance of hookup culture, and exposing the gender dichotomy that exists, I will examine this dynamic through a feminist lens.

By: Katharine De Santis ’22, a Political Science and Philosophy double major.